Catching Up: The Color Run

The Color Run - Allentown

Let’s start things off with a non-explanation. I’ve been lazy and that’s all I’m going to say about that.

Last month I talked about the fact that I had signed up to run The Color Run with my 9-year-old daughter. This was the very first time we laced up and hit the starting line together. As casual and laid back as this event was, it was a far cry from the 5K races she’s run in the past on lazy, summer Wednesday nights down at the local running club. Now those are laid back. You toe the line, run however you want and no one cares (much) about placing or beating someone. It’s all about the casual mid-week atmosphere and as far as I’m concerned, the potluck dinner and drinks afterwards. So, for her, the loud, beat-box music, the constant announcing and talking going on over the loud speakers, the wild and crazy costumes (Men in tutus? She thought this was insane!) were a bit out of her comfort zone and she nervously bounced from one foot to the other as we waited for our corral to start.

Rachel_ColorRunWe finally took off and headed straight toward a color chute. “Oh, yuck!” I thought, the idea of being doused in a cloud of color was simply appalling and I did the best I could to avoid the colored dust from infecting my ears, eyes, nose and every other body part that I could. Still, my mostly reluctant daughter was not quite sure about how this race would unfold. We walked. We ran. We trudged uphill. Only one mile into this event (because it certainly was not a race in any way, shape or form whatsoever) and I was pleading with her to please press on, mostly for selfish reasons to get away from this strange event and the non-runners-who-sort-of-considered-themselves-runners who kept elbowing and shoving me despite the full girth of roadway.

Somewhere around mile 1.5 I turned to take a crowd shot and by some stroke of genius luck there was my friend and neighbor only yards behind us with her daughter. Had I known that they would  be there, too, I would have made plans to meet up or carpool. But, I was glad to see them all the same because as it turned out her daughter was dragging her feet begrudgingly the entire way. As soon as the two girls saw each other it was a much better experience for the mommas.

At that point my daughter decided that this entire experience was FUN and decided to become as colorful as she possibly could – I continued to try to avoid the color clouds even though the color Finish_ColorRunchutes become more and more narrow with each new color. She literally began to collect color in a used water cup and carry it with her to the finish where she dumped the entire contents over her head. I’m just glad I thought ahead and brought towels and a change of clothes.

Despite my hating every second of the messiness and crowd, I thoroughly enjoyed spending time with my daughter and the fact that she ended up having so much fun.

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One thought on “Catching Up: The Color Run

  1. I’ve seen you mention before about getting shoved and elbowed, that is pretty damn rude especially in a “race” that does not seem all that serious.

    I can’t EVER recall that happening to me, maybe they bully you because of your size. I have had people throw objects at me from cars though when running solo, it sucks and there are no repercussions for them.

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